There’s no success like failure

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April 8, 2013 by karamcaulay

Michael Hyatt, author of  the best-selling book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, shares the mistakes he made along his  journey to blogging success.  Because, there’s no success like failure and failure’s no success at all.  ~ Bob

Avoid these mistakes

  1. Not gathering email addresses for blog subscription
  2. Inconsistent blogging
  3. Absence of  a blog template
  4. Going it alone
  5. Obsessing over technology
  6. Perfectionism
  7. Too focused on numbers

soap box

Michael wants to help make the journey easier for others, not easy – easier, by relaying his mistakes in an effort to help others reach their goals.

Email subscription:  Put it at the top right hand corner of your blog and provide an incentive to sign up.  His subscribers went from 3,000 to 70,000 over a 12 month period after having offered a free e-book upon registration.

Consistent blogging: Predictability builds trust.  If you say you’ll blog two days a week, do it. Michael started getting traction when he started writing consistently.

Create a blog template: and stick with it. For example, always have a headline that’s simple that will capture the point of view of the reader.  An opening story with an intriguing image followed by content that will persuade people or enable them to solve a problem.

Network with other bloggers: Don’t try to go it alone.  Connect with others and learn from them.

Don’t let technology guide you: Your focus is to create quality content above all else.

Perfectionism slows you down: Or might inhibit you from getting out of the gate.  Just start the journey and continue knowing not all aspects will be perfect.

Don’t focus too much on the numbers: Again, your focus is to produce quality content.

Blogging and creating a platform in all arenas is a long road, but avoiding some pitfalls, will make it easier to see above the crowd.

Do you have any other lessons learned from your blogging  journey?

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