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April 10, 2013 by karamcaulay

Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson (publishing firm), started blogging about eight years ago because he wanted to face and conquer the three waves that hit him and his business like a tsunami. Based on Michael Hyatt’s Platform University video series Video #1:

bring it on

Three waves hit:

  • Late 2007 the recession hit
  • Then amazon digital books/kindle
  • Finally social media.

He as CEO wanted to delve into digital and social media first hand to understand their effects  so he could keep his publishing company afloat.  His board told him to STOP BLOGGING, but  he convinced them otherwise.

As mentioned in one of my other posts, The Long Road, it takes years to build your platform high enough to see above the crowd.

“This Is Exactly How I Grew My Blog To Over 350,000 Readers Each Month… Step-By-Step” 

~ Michael Hyatt

When he started he had about 100 unique visitors per month at the end of his first year. Then the visits doubled for next four years; then after 4 years he got 1,000 readers per month.  In his fifth year, the inflection point, he was at 20,000 unique visitors per month. Then 40,000, 60,000 and 183,000.  Now he has over 300,000 readers per month.  Whew!  That took a while!

Below are some tips based on Michael’s experience that will help speed up the process.


  1. Blog consistently and stick to the schedule no matter what
  2. Make it about the audience = What’s In It for Me? (WIFM)
  3. Embrace social media – go where the people are
  4. Find your voice – keep writing and it will come
  5. Experiment
  6. Don’t give up

Have you started a blog only to be discouraged?  What frustrating experiences have you had?

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