The Stones do it. Do you?

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April 22, 2013 by karamcaulay

Doesn’t matter how old you are – young, old –  do it like a rock star!  Kick ass on stage, be superlative and back it up in the social realm.  Excellence in life translates well to the web.

Stones_FacebookWhat?  50 years?  Well isn’t this one of the most recognizable brands in the world?  Whether you like the Stones or not.  They constantly change with the times and seem to have a constitution stronger than any other.  Not just the Stones, many embrace social media. You should too.

Buddy Guy and Quinn Sullivan

I went to see Buddy Guy (@TheRealBuddyGuy) at Toronto’s Massey Hall this weekend.  He had a 14-year old special guest:  Quinn Sullivan (@quinnsullivan1) who seemingly possesses the soul of Jimmy Hendrix. BLOWN AWAY!  I immediately went to my Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook accounts to laud the young lad.  And Buddy of course too – age?  Whew.  At 76 he’s got more energy than I!  So you see – young and old share not only the stage but social media too.

Quinn Sullivan is signed to Superstar Records (@SuperStarRecords), which embraces the new music paradigm  — artist owned and operated ‘record company’ that provides artists with a fully customized digital platform to reach audiences worldwide.

Have you embraced the new digital paradigm?

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