Want to be as smart as Einstein?

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August 30, 2013 by karamcaulay

Einstein, Lyndon Johnson and 21st century entrepreneurs exhibit behaviour that might seem strange. Maybe you fight the need to do this. But fight it as you may, the urge to have an afternoon nap is normal (and beneficial) according to sleep researcher William Dement.

Why is napping important? **

  • your brain doesn’t work well during afternoon “sleepiness”
  • after a nap your cognitive performance can be boosted for six hours
  • great ideas come during sleep and after
  • data demonstrate sleep can increase learning signficantly
** Source: Brain Rules by John Medina

There are companies embracing the afternoon siesta such as Google, Nike and EventMobi.  Nap rooms and sleep pods are a great idea for success!

Would you take a nap if encouraged by your work place?

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