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August 31, 2013 by karamcaulay

Wow.  Mitch Joel linked to Christopher Penn’s blog lauding him as a Ninja marketer.  So I clicked.  His latest blog? Well-poisoning as a war tactic and how it relates to social media and its sullied reputation because of the ‘poisoners’ and scammers.  Eye-opener.

I’m in the final hour of my Digital Strategy Certificate at The University of Toronto and thoroughly enjoy the digital realm of social media and see it as a transformational tool.  But what I’ve learned, from people like Michael Hyatt and others, is that platform building, whether for an individual or a company, takes time and a lot of effort.  One doesn’t build a community over night – it takes consistent effort.

So yes, be leery of anyone who claims they can turn your business around with a few tweets or a Facebook page.  It’s the same with SEO, it takes time and consistency – this I learned from working with Convurgency.

So a simple solution to combat those who muddy the social media waters, never promise anything you can’t deliver and never lie to a client.  Integrity will keep the waters clear.

3 thoughts on “Trusted Resources

  1. As is often said, underpromise and overdeliver 🙂 Thanks for the citation.

  2. Many thanks for the mention!

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