McLuhan: Privacy in the electronic age


September 16, 2013 by karamcaulay

Marshall McLuhan, in 1968, spoke about privacy in the electronic age and how walls in physical spaces were being removed to accommodate the need for “perpetual dialogue in response to world events.”  Now, in the 21st century, the boundaries have been further removed with social media.

Interestingly, in 1966 McLuhan predicted that electronic information would be tailored to the individual – one’s requests, interests or needs will be serviced over the phone or Xerox with the help of computers.  He also said products are increasingly becoming services.

So 47 years ago he predicted technologies and services that today permeate our lives. How about just 10 years from now? How will information be delivered, and on what devices?

According to Robert Scoble, author of the upcoming book The Age of Context, there are five trends that will change the world within 10 years:

  1. Wearable computing
  2. Big data and data computation
  3. Sensor data
  4. Social networking
  5. Location data

Scoble says, “In Five years you will know everything instantly about your customers.”

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