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January 5, 2014 by karamcaulay

State of The Marketing Nation, by Emily Wexler, Jennifer Horn and Sandra Taveres, illustrates the direction Marketers are taking in 2014. Where are they headed?  Towards Social Media, Big Data and Branded Content.  And how are they going to get there? With an integrated strategy of course.

The #1 demand marketers want from their AOR?


Top three areas where marketers will be spending their money this year:

  • social media: 37%
  • mobile: 18%
  • content: 17%
Social Media:

Facebook is still the top of the pack, but Instagram and Pinterest are picking up steam: rising 19% and 11% respectively. Noteworthy is the fact that social media is now only being handled in-house by 33% of brands, down from 55% last year. It warrants a read of this article by John Consoli: Should Brands Handle Their Own Social Media Effort or Outsource It?

Big Data:

More marketers are embracing the use of data – 48% actually – and most are being analyzed in-house.  While we embark on data-centric campaigns, privacy issues still lurk in the background.  Consumers want targeted advertising, but at the cost of privacy? If trust is the new currency, perhaps privacy issues are the barrier?

Branded Content:

More brands are incorporating original, interactive content: 85% say it is part of their marketing mix.  But it doesn’t come cheap – interactive web sites and videos are expensive to create. The good news?  Agencies are still the go-to for interactive content creation.

Do check out the State of The Marketing Nation to see the complete survey results.

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