The Future: Star Trek not Mad Men

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September 11, 2014 by karamcaulay

Can brands be the connective tissue between new technology and real people? Looking five years into the future the answer to this question is YES.  Wow, think of a world where every physical product could become its own media channel!

Contagious, in partnership with Leo Burnett, hosted a seminar called Wildfire.  Check out the video on Youtube: Wildfire.

Here’s some highlights:

Firstly, Paul Kemp-Robertson, Contagious co-founder and editorial director, and James Kirkham, Leo Burnett’s global head of social and mobile explain what’s not going to change in the future is people. How brands interact with them, that’s what will change.  They provide three scenarios for the future:

epidermal electronics

Epidermal electronics

Scenario 1 –  Smart health: measuring personal data to provide smart, real-time diagnoses using epidermal electronics, so thin it looks like a tattoo.

Scenario 2 – Haptic experiences: sensory interaction to enhance everyday processes – artificial tactile sensations.

Scenario 3 – The human body as an interface: plausible crazy sh*t.  These are concepts and prototypes that are actually starting to emerge now.  What you might ask? Using wearable technology that transforms how we interact with the wider world as well as mnemonic gestures to order stuff, like beer.  Want to explain a story you saw on social media – project it instantaneously as you speak – you know a little visualization always helps a story.

They end the seminar purporting that:

Space, time and privacy will become the new commodities of the future.

Are you ready?

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